Run Database 60

Comparison of N=55 and N=60 times

Branch 1 3 14 22 23
N=55 leo 89s 84s 65m 21s 73m 6s 310s
N=60 leo 20m 36s 24m 31s 8h 38m 10h 1m 41m 4s
Factor 13.9 17.5 7.9 8.2 7.9

N=60 branches with very long run times

These branches will have to be run on Vega or Leo and not using volunteers.

Branch 238 379 382 436 445 976 1201
N=55 leo 5h 58m 5h 28m 4h 16m 9h 19m 6h 5m 10h 36m 11h 9m
N=60 vega 44h 24m ? 35h 58m 74h 2m 48h 26m 84h 10m 81h 8m

Note: Vega's run times are typically 1.5 times faster than those on Leo.

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