Run Database B

Run data for counting solid partitions with N=52

This page contains the status of the long branches (for N=52) being run by Suresh Govindarajan. suresh_leo refers to programs run by SG on the Leo cluster and leo_physics refers to the programs run by SG on the physics server.

Number of branches to be run 212
Number of branches completed 212
Number of jobs running 0 (Leo=0, vega=0, physics=0, curie=0)

Estimating run times

I work out the estimated run time using the following heuristic: take the run time for the corresponding branch with N=40 (without O3 turned on) and multiply it by 120. So if a branch took 1 minute to run for N=40, the estimate is that it will take 2 hours for N=52. This is for runs on Leo. For runs on physics/curie, one multiplies the number for Leo by a factor of 1.5/2.0. This heuristic was obtained by considering two examples. It would be interesting to see how these estimates fare in comparison with the actual run times.

Trunk (112) B — Depth 7

Branch Allotted to Date Status Run time Est time
1001-1027 suresh_leo Sept. 17 Done 94 hrs 120 hrs
1028-1056 suresh_leo Sept. 17 Done 117 hrs 120 hrs
1057-1087 suresh_leo Sept. 17 Done 95 hrs 120 hrs
1088-1126 suresh_leo Sept. 17 Done 90 hrs 120 hrs
1127-158 suresh_leo Sept. 17 Done 78.3 hrs 120 hrs

Trunk (121) B — Depth 6

Branch Allotted to Date Status Run time Est time
1201-1205 suresh_leo Sept. 17 Done 96 hrs 120 hrs
1206-1213 suresh_leo Sept. 17 Done 109.3 hrs 125 hrs
1214-1221 suresh_leo Sept. 17 Done 102.5 hrs 120 hrs
1222-1236 suresh_leo Sept. 17 Done 78 hrs 120 hrs

Trunk (211) B — Depth 6

Branch Allotted to Date Status Run time Est time
1401-1404 suresh_leo Sept. 17 Done 93.5 hrs 120 hrs
1405-1418 suresh_leo Sept. 17 Done 89 hrs 120 hrs
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