Solid Partitions -- Programming Page

This page will host details of the code as well the program files that were/is being used to compute the number of solid partitions.

Version 1.0

The first working code was written by B. Srivatsan on August 22, 2010: 3dv1.cpp. This was used to generate the first results for small numbers such as N=25. It was a straight-ahead implementation of Knuth's backtracking algorithm to count topological sequences.

Version 2.0

An improved version of v1.0 of the code written by Srivatsan around September 3, 2010. Lines 81 and 83 in v2.0 of the code are the only new lines compared to v1.0. It however lead to significant improvement in run times. A significant observation of Arun Chaganty was to use O3 while compiling — this lead to a factor of 3 improvement in run times. These two improvements made the program ready for N=52.

Version 3.0

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